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Beeswax Health Benefits


Purest Beeswax with the highest content of Natural Bee Propolis, Bee Propolis is known as natures preventative medicine, supporting and strengthening the Immune System, it is a protector and healer of the body and skin, much like it works for the beehive.  Propolis is a Natural Anti-biotic, Anti-bacterial and stops the spread of bacteria and starts healing infection immediately.  It will extract poisons from sore, infected and painful teeth, soothing the pain until you can get to the dentist.

Bee Propolis contains; amino acidsorganic acids, composed ethers of alcohol, elements of spores and micro elements, such as;ironcopperzincanti-biotics, , plus high contents of Vitamins ABCEHP and Pro Vitamin A and  highly active ingredients,Flavonoids or Bioflavonoids.

Honey Bee Propolis is used for many of it’s curative properties and what to do for paininfectionssoresallergiesasthma,bronchitisCandida Alb Cans Infectionscolds, dental problems, mouth sores, pain from mouth ulcersgum infections, hay fever, strengthen the immune system, fight fatiguesinus congestion, swelling of the throat, sore throatsheadaches, migraines,hoarseness and influenza to name a few! (see Nature’s Healing Propolis)

Canadian Golden Yellow, Pure & Clean Beeswax, Excellent quality, high contents of Bee Propolis, Vitamins Pro A, A, B, C, E, H & P, amino acids, organic acids, minerals, iron, copper, zinc, natural anti-biotics, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-viral, flavonoids & bioflavonoids.  It is one of nature’s most precious products, has been used for centuries ( dated as far back as Cleopatra, who used beeswax based creams and lotions), valued & considered sacred by some for its many curative properties, medicinal uses and benefits, diagnosing, healing & protective powers.  The list of health benefits of Beeswax & Bee Propolis are; pain relief, infections, sores, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, Candida Alb Cana Infection, colds, flues, dental problems, tooth pain, mouth sores, pain from mouth ulcers, gum infections, hay fever, strengthens the Immune System, fights fatigue, sinus congestion, swelling of the throat, sore throats, headaches, migraines, hoarseness and it is a precious ingredient for many pharmaceutical & cosmetic companies, churches, and for many household uses & purposes.

All the uses and purposes of Bees wax is long and a broad range list, such as; cosmetics, skin care, health benefits, candles, beekeepers, beard & mustache wax, personal hygiene, grafting, crayons, carving objects, etching glass, egg designing, jewelry crafting, molds, tack cloth, wood filler, wood polishers, wood sealers, nail & screw lubricant, brick floor sealer, moisturizing cream, soap making, fruit coating, cheese, dental procedures, baking sheets coating, embalming procedures, lipsticks & lip balms, leather waterproofing,, thread & fishing line coating, reconstructive surgery procedures, fruit, vegetables, sauces & jelly sealing, war weapon coating, tools, lubricants (zippers, windows & drawers), preservation, medicinal, pharmaceuticals, basketry, candy, ski wax, ironing wax, bowstring wax, hair products, chocolates, braces, archery wax, bronze preservation, blacksmithing, bagpipe wax, dreadlock wax, oil spill control, cracked animal hooves, dental floss, pool table wax, shoe polish, crafts & recipes.

Beeswax is the superior choice when used as a barrier for creams, salves, health products and for household products such as candles.


Bee Propolis

Bee Propolis is known as Nature's Preventative Medicine, supporting and strengthening the immune system by the ingestion of bee propolis.  Studies show that those who ingest propolis regularly develop a natural immune and evade the dreaded winter colds, sore throats, common viruses and various strains of the flu.  It is a special, natural substance with strong effects and by taking propolis, you can build up your immune system to ward off colds, flues and other infections, even if you decide to wait until you are already infected, propolis is able to mitigate the worst effects of the infection (especially to the lungs).  In vitro studies they have found propolis effective against TB germs5 that are now becoming resistant to conventional synthetic antibiotic treatment.  Bee Propolis is a mixture of resin, essential oils and waxes with bee glue, it consists of more than 100 ingredients.


50-55% Resins and Balms

30%      Wax

5%        Fixed substances, such as; clump, greases, amino acids, organic acids, composed ethers of alcohol, elements of spores and micro elements, such as; iron, copper, zinc, amino acids and antibiotics.  Plus a high content of vitamins A, B, C, E, H, P and Pro Vitamin A

4 – 10% Pollens

 Highly active ingredients Flavonoids or Bioflavonoids

Beeswax consists of unattached fatty acids, ester, hydrocarbon, mineral matter, water, carotenoid, color and fragrance.

14% Hydrocarbons

35% Monoesters

14% Diesters

3% Triesters

4% Hydroxy Monoesters

8% Hydroxy Polyesters

1% Acid Esters

2% Acid Polyesters

12% Free Acids

1% Free Alcohols

6% Unidentified

Beeswax is a byproduct of honey production, which contains honey, bee parts and other impurities, it must be melted and filtered or strained. The colors of beeswax may vary depending on the type of flower the pollen was taken from.

Beeswax colors range from white to brownish, most common is a yellow golden shade.

Bee Propolis is also believed to promote heart health, strengthen the immune system and reduce the chances of cataracts.

Keep a bee button in your mouth for sore throats, tooth pain, sore gums, mouth infections, mouth sores & ulcers and allergies.


 Propolis Condition Healing List


AllergiesDermatitis, Asthma, Fungal Infection, ArthritisUrinary Tract, Angina, Sinus CongestionAcneOpen Wounds, Blood Pressure (High), Gout, Bone Healing, Throat Swelling, BronchitisDisease of the Ears, BurnsPeriodontal Disease, Candida Alb Cans Infections, UlcersColdsPneumonia, Dental ProblemsLung Disease, Mouth Sores, Stomach Virus, Pain from Mouth UlcersHeadaches, Eczema Eruptions, Parkinson’s Disease, Gastric UlcersBile Infections, Gastro Intestinal Infections & ParasitesCirculation, Goiters, Warts, Gum Infections, Conjunctivitis, Hay FeverHoarseness, Immune System ( over or under active conditions), Influenza, Infections of any kind, Lung Conditions, M.E. (Chronic Fatigue), Sclerosis, Finger Nail Growth, Hair Growth, Peptic Ulcers, Rheumatoid Arthritis

May also have a use in cancer prevention and treatment.

Honey Bees were revered because of their ability to produce wax and therefore produce candles and light, imagine a world without light.

Catholic Churches believed beeswax to be pure because it was produced by virgins.

Honey was sacred because of its curative properties, some believed it to cure spiritual and emotional ailments along with the physical ailments.

Pollen is honeybee food and is the richest and purest Natural foods, consisting of up to 35% protein, 10% sugars, carbohydrates, enzymes, minerals and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5,C,H and R.

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals consume 60% of the beeswax industry

The American Apitherapy Society states that bee venom is also beneficial for a variety of other problems including; eczema, psoriasis, warts, laryngitis, emphysema, asthma, glaucoma, high blood pressure, neuralgia, MS and high cholesterol.


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