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At Bee Pro International (Your Bee Product Professionals), we take great pride in our “All Natural & Healthy” Beeswax Products which are all hand-made to perfection, trusted health products and we stand behind them 100%.  We believe in our Golden Bee Products and believe in all the healthy, healing and high quality ingredients we use in and for our Natural Health Products!

We at Bee Pro International do not cut corners with inexpensive or artificial ingredients, fillers, harmful materials or expensive packaging, all our bee productsingredients are of the highest quality in Canadian Golden Beeswax Products. Our Natural Bee Products start with the finest, purest & cleanest Alberta Golden Beeswax, with high quantities of Natural Bee Propolis (see Natures Healing Propolis), together along with Honey, are natures most precious and valued products, simply because of the curative, healing, medicinal and healthy properties, as well as multiple purposes and uses.  The same can be said about ALL Bee Pro Productingredients & materials, using NO Chemicals, No Toxins, No Harmful Fillers, Safe and Healthy for All of our Loyal and Valued Customers and Future Customers.

Bee Pro International is a Canadian, family owned business, with high standards, excellent quality control as well as being an environmentally friendly company that does NOT test on any animals.  Our long standing family homemade recipes and homemade natural health products, have been sold locally, used and loved by many since 1989 and because of popular demand and our knowledge for the need of healthy, safe and natural products, we have taken our Amazing & Wonderful Bee Pro Products International for everyone to enjoy!

We provide Power Health Products in a wide range of products and we are currently working on and perfecting New & Exciting products with Natural & Healthy ingredients, we also encourage our customers to tell us what natural products they want or have been looking for!


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