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At Bee Pro International, we understand the importance and benefits of Honeybee Products, such as; Honey!


The facts, benefits, historical value and consistency of this Amazing Natural Honeybee Product speaks for itself and stands second to none!


Honey is packed full of Vitamins, minerals & nutrients and is one of the ONLY food products that contains ALL that the human body requires (this includes water) and will also promote Optimal Health.  Now you include ALL the beneficial properties in Honey, as well as the curative and medicinal uses and purposes, you can clearly see that Honey is the Smarter, Safer and Healthier Choice for a Natural Sweetener for all your delicious homemade treats & meals


Using Honey in your Desserts and sweet recipes will not only give them the nutritional benefits of honey but you will not have to be concerned giving them to your children, as honey also benefits the teeth (killing the bacteria that causes tooth decay) and provides natural energy.


Honey should never be heated over 160°F or for long periods of time, as this will compromise the flavor, minerals, proteins, taste, vitamins and the diastolic ferments that you find naturally in Honey.

Never store honey in an icebox or cellar as honey will absorb, condense and retain moisture.


We want to hear what your Honey recipe is and share it with the world and our faithful customers.  If you have a family recipe that contains honey or know of a healthy and healing Honey remedy recipe or you just plain have a yummy Honey Recipe you can’t wait to share, we want to hear from you!

Send us your Name, Residence, Occupation, Age and Email Contact information, along with the recipe title, category, ingredients, instructions and any history, facts or comments you have about the recipe and if chosen we will add it to our Honeybee Recipe Collection for all to use and appreciate.


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