How Honey Is Made



How Honey is Made!


“No Bee, No Honey, No Work, No Money!”  Proverbs


When a honey bee sucks the nectar from the flowers it is then stored in a sack called “the honey stomach” in the bee.  The honeybees’ body contains an enzyme which starts processing the nectar into Honey; it is because of these same enzymes that bacteria and fermentation does not occur.  The transformed Honey is then transferred from the bee to the Honeycomb in the beehive and then the honeybees fan their wings to thicken the honey nectar by evaporating excess water.  The Natural Raw Honey Nectar is then capped off by using Beeswax and used later for food in the long winter months.


The most historical use of Honey recorded through history is for the use of treating wounds and infections.


What is Honey?


Honey is very simply “Bee Food” that is stored in the beehive in the honeycomb for future use and for raising their young.

Honey is 80% Sugars and 20% Water.



Bee Pollen is one of the Richest & Purest Natural Foods that contains;

35% Protein

10% Sugars




Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, C, H and R.


Pure and Raw Natural Honey (e.g. Manuka) contains more natural anti-oxidants than commercial varieties.


Canadians and Europeans know that granulated Honey is the better Honey than the liquid variety because granulated Honey is purer and no natural Honey properties have been compromised through the heating process.  The granulation of Honey is evidence of its purity and pure and raw Honey will never spoil.


The Honeybee is a Master when it comes to creating perfect products and if you add it to your diet and take advantage of its healthy & healing properties, you will increase your ability to achieve Good Overall Health!


The short term benefits of Honey;

Relieve Symptoms of Allergies, Coughs, Fatigue, Pain, Stress and Boosts the Libido.


The long term benefits of Honey;

Reduce the risk of heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity and Longevity.


All Natural Honey is what works for all health plus beauty, honey should be taken by all people (with exception of infants 12 months and younger) and should be found in all homes.

Honey is for a multiple of Health Solutions, Honey home recipes, household cures and for many honey uses, but most important it’s what to do for a majority of health problems, skin problems and for homemade recipes.


The best honey is Manuka Honey, Honeycomb, Raw Honey, Wild Honey or Natural & Pure Honey.


What is Honey Good For?


Honey will do it best and works best in its purest and in its most natural state, for the health benefits of Honey, Honey Facts and Tips, for honey remedies, honey cures and good honey recipes, as well as why to use honey, how to use Honey, Medicinal Honey and how to cure with honey, just keep exploring our Brand New Honeybee Recipe Collection for all your Honey pleasures, Honey Information and Honey needs.


According to “The American Heart Association” the recommended daily dosage of Honey is 5 Tsp for women and more than 8 Tsp for men.



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Dr. Oz Healing Honey 


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