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Honeybee & Honey Facts


There are only 4 species of bees that produce honey, out of 20,000 different bee species and as Honeybees account for 80% of the world’s pollination, the agriculture relies a great deal on them.


For every pound of Honey, which would be the lifework of approx. 300 bees, the bees of a single colony would have visited about 2 millions flowers.  On a single trip from the beehive, a bee visits 50-100 flowers.


Honey is either marketed or used in liquid form or in natural Honeycombs and the honey straight from the comb honey is superior in taste and has higher contents of the natural nutrients & properties.


Honey has been used and valued for centuries, is considered sacred to many and is one of Mother Nature’s Most Perfect and Precious of Natural FoodsHoney should be found in every home and medicine cabinet and used daily for its Optimal Health Benefits, Natural Curatives & Medicinal Uses.


To know all the famous and incredible people who have commented on the benefits of honeybees and Honey, here are a few famous quotes from some infamous people we are sure you’ve heard of.


God said to Moses, about his concerns over the cries and pleas of the people of Egypt "I have come down to rescue them from the hand of the Egyptians and bring them up and out of this land and into a good and spacious land, a land flowing with Milk and Honey”


“No Bees, No Honey, No Work, No Money!”  Proverbs


“My son, eat honey, because it is good and the honeycomb is sweet to your taste” Proverbs


Honey was the symbol of Good Health for Samuel


“Tart words make no friends; a spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar”

Benjamin Franklin


“If you want to collect honey, don’t kick over the bee hive”

Abraham Lincoln


“The men of experiment are like the ant, they only collect and use.  But the bee, gathers its materials from the flowers of the garden and of the field, but transforms and digests it by a power of its own!”

Leonardo da Vinci


“The secret to my health is applying Honey inside and oil outside.”

Democritus (lived to be 109)


“The only reason for a buzzing sound that I know of is because you’re a bee…The only reason for being a bee that I know of, is to make honey…and the only reason for making honey, is so I can eat it!”

Winnie the Pooh


Alex the Great was embalmed in Honey!




All Natural Honey is what works for all health plus beauty, honey should be taken by all people (with exception of infants 12 months and younger) and should be found in all homes.

Honey is for a multiple of Health Solutions, Honey home recipes, household cures and for many honey uses, but most important it’s what to do for a majority of health problems, skin problems and for home remedies.


The best honey is Manuka Honey, Honeycomb, Raw Honey, Wild Honey or Natural & Pure Honey.


What is Honey Good For?


Honey will do it best and works best in its purest and in its most natural state, for the health benefits of Honey, Honey Facts and Tips, for honey remedies, honey cures and good honey recipes, as well as why to use honey, how to use Honey, Medicinal Honey and how to cure with honey, just keep exploring our Brand New Honeybee Recipe Collection for all your Honey pleasures, Honey Information and Honey needs.


According to “The American Heart Association” the recommended daily dosage of Honey is 5 Tsp for women and more than 8 Tsp for men.  Honey has no side effects.



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Dr. Oz Healing Honey



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