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Natural Honey is one of the ONLY Natural Foods that contains ALL the necessary substances to sustain life (this includes water), as well as promoting a healthy body!

One of the harmful and destructive things that can affect the human body is bacteria, the body and body’s skin battle against this on a daily basis.

Pure raw Honey will never spoil, this is because of its high natural sugar content, in which the bacteria is killed and cannot live, which explains why it is such a great anti-biotic, anti-bacterial and anti-septic.


Raw Honey Contains EVERYTHING we need to help us Stay Healthy & Bee Healthy!


What is Honey and Is Honey Healthy?


What Healthy Honey Contains;


Primary Ingredients are; FructoseGlucose and Water

Honey also contains; Vitamins AB1B2B6CE & KCalciumPhosphorousPotassiumIronCopperManganeseSulfurZinc, Trace EnzymesMineralsAmino Acids and Anti-Oxidants.


Natural Honey is well known in the history of medicine and life for its multiple benefits, including being a good source of anti-oxidants, which are; chrysinquercetinkaempferolgalaninpinobanksinvitamin C,catalase and pinocembrin.  Raw Honey also contains certain potassium salts that make it a phenomenal ingredient in a moisturizer because it absorbs moisture.


Honey Facts and Honey Health Benefits


In 400 BC, Hippocrates said “Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food” and it’s still true today!  Hippocrates andDemocritus were both said to advice using honey for optimal health and both believed it to cure disease.


Honey is one of Nature’s most perfect, precious and valued gifts to mankind and Honey should be a staple found in every kitchen, bathroom and medicine cabinet.


For centuries Honey has been believed to assist the immune system by fighting bacteria & infection, ancient text claims that Honey may help cure diseases of the heart, liverkidney and lungs, as well as eye problems, such as; conjunctivastiesswellingcataractsand eyesores.

Bad bacteria in the digestive system can result in stomach aches or bowel related problems and by ingesting Honey daily you will help & assist the digestive system break down the food you consume and kill any bad or harmful bacteria.  It is said that Honey can ward off diabetes & cure arthritis as well as promote strong bones, teeth and honey is a great remedy for allergies.

Dr. Peter Molan of New Zealand says “Honey stimulates re-growth of tissue that is involved in healing”.


Honey is naturally the Smarter, Healthier and Better Choice when it comes to sweeteners, not only for its Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients, Curative & Medicinal properties but because it’s healthy and for its preventative powers.  Unlike refined sugar which promotes tooth decay and false energy, Honey is GOOD for your teeth as the beneficial Calcium promotes strong & healthy teeth, while honey kills the germs and bacteria that cause tooth decay.


Giving your children a “Sweet Treat” can bee healthy, beneficial, satisfy their sweet craving and provide natural energy, boost theimmune system and ward off colds and flu’s.


*Tip Honey mixed with fresh water makes a wonderful Natural & Hygienic mouthwash.


Manuka Honey is known to be one of the highest qualities of honey that is available, due to the fact that it minimally processed and heated very gently to avoid any damage to the natural properties.


Raw Honey that is straight from the Honeycomb is used as an effective treatment for scarring & many skin infections.  The reason why Honey works so well for woundscutsabrasionsscars, infections and skin conditions is it’s a Natural anti-biotic and anti-bacterial properties which are said to heal dead tissues and ulcers.  Honey is good for treating the most serious of wounds, burnsand superbugs, as well we do not become immune to it as we might with penicillin or other chemical anti-biotics.


Proving once again Natural Solutions are Healthy Solutions!


Honey vs Sugar


The curative medicinal properties & preventative benefits of Honey produced from honey bees can almost be considered Second to None, especially Manuka Honey which has shocked even the most skeptical in the medical profession.

As well as being a Natural Healer & Protector of the Body and a delicious Natural Sweetener, it is a wonderful, natural, safe, healthy and handy ingredient to pamper, cleanse and nourish the skin in many ways and forms.  Natural remedies that contain Honey can give you a natural facial treatment, it will firm the skin; naturally reduce fine lines and wrinkles for pennies.

All Natural Honey is what works for all health plus beauty, honey should be taken by all people (with exception of infants 12 months and younger) and should be found in all homes.

Honey is for a multiple of Health Solutions, Honey home recipes, household cures and for many honey uses, but most important it’s what to do for a majority of health problems, skin problems and for homemade recipes.


The best honey is Manuka HoneyHoneycombRaw HoneyWild Honey or Natural & Pure Honey.


What is Honey Good For?


Honey will do it best and works best in its purest and in its most natural state, for the health benefits of Honey, Honey Facts and Tips, for honey remedies, honey cures and good honey recipes, as well as why to use honey, how to use Honey, Medicinal Honey and how to cure with honey, just keep exploring our Brand New Honeybee Recipe Collection for all your Honey pleasures, Honey Information and Honey needs.


According to “The American Heart Association” the recommended daily dosage of Honey is 5 Tsp for women and more than 8 Tsp for men.



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