Honey Beeswax Recipes



Beeswax Recipes

Beeswax was traditionally used to carve tree ornaments at Christmas time.


Beeswax Perfume Stick


3 Parts Sweet Almond or Jojoba Oil

2 Parts White Beeswax

1 Part Cosmetic grade Fragrance Oil

Directions;  Melt all ingredients over a double broiler until well mixed.  Pour into containers – Let cool.


Beeswax Bare Wood Finish


1 Pound Beeswax

1 Pint Turpentine (odorless if avail)

1 pint Boiled Linseed Oil

Directions:  Melt wax-remove from heat and stir in the turpentine and oil.  For better penetration, warm mixture before using, apply with soft cloth. Let dry then buff with wool cloth.


Beeswax Wood Conditioner


1 oz Beeswax

1 pint Turpentine

2 C Water

1 oz Ivory soap flakes

Directions:  Shred wax into turpentine, cover & leave in warm spot, shaking closed container from time to time.  Bring water to a boil-add soap, stir until dissolved then add to wax/turpentine mixture.  Stir briskly until emulsion forms.


Beeswax Crayons

2 Parts Beeswax

1 Part Talc


Directions:  Melt wax-stir in talc and the dry artists pigment.  Pour mixture into lubricated aluminum molds.  These crayons should not be used by children as artists pigment is not ingestible.



Wax Pastels for Children


1 Part Grated Soap

1 Part Beeswax

Food coloring of choice

Directions:  Melt wax- add grated soap-stir until soap melts and mixture is smooth.  Pour into lubricated aluminum foil molds.


Beeswax Shoe Polish


1 Part Aluminum Oxide Powder

1 Part Tin Oxide Powder

1 Part Petroleum Jelly

1 Part Beeswax

Directions:  Melt wax and petroleum jelly – remove from heat and stir in dry ingredients.


Beeswax Sealing Putty


¼ c Linseed Oil

2 tsp Beeswax

Whitening (calcium carbonate powder)

Directions:  Melt wax – add oil and stir.  Reheat if necessary to get a smooth texture.  Let cool, stir in small amounts of whitening until mixture is doughlike and can be handled.  Knead the mixture until it is smooth and store in air tight container.


Beeswax Leather Waterproofing


4 oz Beeswax

4 oz Resin or Rosin

1 Pint Vegetable Oil

Directions:  Melt the solids and mix with oils, apply while warm.


Beeswax Waterproofing and Leather Softener


1 oz Beeswax

8 oz Petroleum Jelly

Directions:  Melt ingredients and brush hot mixture onto the leather and allow to penetrate.  If possible place item in the hot sun.  Polish leather with a soft cloth to remove excess waterproofing.


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