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Harmful Chemicals To Watch For In Your Household Creams

If you read the labels of your everyday household products, creams, lotions and salves you would probably be astonished at the ingredients in them.  Here are a few examples;

Carcinogenic – Causes Cancer

Neurotoxin – Damages Nervous System

Teratogenic – Causes Birth Defects

Mineral Oil ( Petrolatum, Petroleum)

Made from Crude Oil (Petroleum) and is used as a metal cutting fluid, it may block the skin from receiving moisture and stop it from releasing carbon dioxide.  May also result in immature, unhealthy sensitive skin that tends to dry out easy.

Bentonite or Kaolin

Is a clay used for many industrial purposes including putting out forest fires, this is used because it smothers it therefore extinguishing the flames.  If clay is used as thickening agent in creams and lotions it will not absorb into the skin, but layer on the surface.

Glycerin (Synthetic)

Makes the skin appear to have a better feel but in reality it dries the skin from the inside out. Glycerin has a tendency to draw the moisture out of the skin thus making the skin drier.

Collagen and Elastin of High Molecular Weight

Made from ground up chicken feet and animal skins and may suffocate or over moisturize the skin.  Collagen merely provides a coating of film on the skins surface, the collagen molecule can not be absorbed into the skin because it is far too large.


Most bentonites can be drying to the skin and can prevent the skin from receiving oxygen.


Lanolin usually contains pesticides and dioxins, also known as carcinogens.

Propylene Glycol, which can be found in most moisturizers,is an industrial anti-freeze, if penetrated into the skin it can cause liver abnormalities and kidney damage.

What makes most products undesirable and ineffective can be the very ingredients in them like; sodium laureth, propylene glycol and kaolin.


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