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Our Original Bee Pro Ear Candles (Luminary Vessels or Ear Cones for Ear Candling) are the most superior and effective vessels online and on the market, they are made from Canada’s purest Alberta Honey Beeswax, 100% Unbleached Cotton Riggings and are carefully and masterfully Hand Crafted to perfection. They are used for better ear hygiene & removing Ear Wax, most everyone enjoyed a lighter feeling in the face, neck and shoulders and many claim a significant decrease in migraine headaches. Ear Cones are perfectly harmless and safe, they are not dangerous in anyway, although they must be carefully administered by following suggested sensible means of protection.

Bee Pro Beeswax Ear Candles

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Bee Pro Ear Candles (Luminary Vessels, Ear Cones or Ear Candling)

Our Original Bee Pro Ear Cones (Luminary Vessels or Ear Candles) are the most superior and effective vessels online and on the market, they are made from Canada’s purest Alberta Honey Beeswax, 100% Unbleached Cotton Riggings and are Carefully and Masterfully Hand Crafted to perfection.  They are used for better ear hygiene, ear wax removal, ear wax cleaning and as a ear wax softener, most everyone enjoyed a lighter feeling in the face, neck and shoulders and many claim a significant decrease in migraine headaches. 

Ear Cones are perfectly harmless and safe, they are not dangerous in anyway, although they must be carefully administered by following suggested sensible means of protection.  Detailed instructions are given with each order of Bee Pro Ear Cones.

When heating the large end and inserting the warm tip into the auditory canal cavity, the smoke then spirals down the ear canal and the warm smoke then very gently dislodges foreign debris and softens old ear wax and evaporates excess moisture.  They are believed to relieve ear aches, detoxify the lymphatic system, clear sinuses, heighten your sense of hearing, taste, smell and sight.

Ear Candles Do They Work?

Bee Pro Ear Cones have been helping people with hearing problems and better ear hygiene since 1989 when they were first created, taking years of study and research to perfect, they are carefully made to work best for you.  They are used for, removing ear wax, hearing problems, temporary hearing loss, deafness and hearing loss, blocked ears, ear wax softener and ear wax cleaning.

Ear Candling Benefits:

  • Ear Pain
  • Improved Sense of smell
  • Improvement in Taste
  • Swimmers Ear
  • Plugged Ears
  • Head Aches and Migraines
  • Reduces Stress and Tension

Ear Candles Benefits those who:

  • Work or Spend Time Outdoors
  • Work in Dusty Environments
  • Aquatically Active
  • Have Excess Wax Build Up
  • Suffer from Sinus Infections

Have you ever asked yourself “What is earwax?” or “What does earwax do?”

 Earwax is also known by its scientific name “cerumen”.  It is a combination of sebum, sloughed off skin cells from the inner ear and secretions from the cerumen.  It is a combination of sebum, sloughed off skin cells from the inner ear and secretions from the cerumenous glands in the outer ear canal.  Normal earwax is a liquid and it will drain naturally and when this process happens everything is working normal.  There are two types of earwax, wet & dry, which you have usually depends on genetics.  Sometimes the earwax will become hardened, when this happens the normal draining process of the ear cannot happen and a person may experience discomfort, plugged feeling, hearing loss, ringing in the ears or vertigo. 

Earwax is made in the outer ear canal, which is located between the middle of the ear and the actual external ear.  It will continually produce earwax and the excess is usually drained naturally from the ear or simply washed away in everyday cleaning.

Earwax has a few purposes, the first being it protects and moisturizes the skin of the ear canal, secondly is earwax contains special chemicals that fight off infections that could damage the ear or skin and finally it acts as a shield, a protective device, it shields the ear from dust, dirt, bacteria and other micro-organisms that can get into the ear, irritate, inflame or infect the eardrum.  Without earwax the ear would become itchy and dry.  Jaw movement and the chewing motion also helps with the natural release of earwax, as these motions and movements churn the wax slowly, from the eardrum to the ear opening.  Younger people produce a larger amount or earwax and as we age we tend not to produce as much.

Blocked earwax is the most common case of hearing loss, if earwax is pushed back towards the eardrum or if the ear is an abundance of wax.  The symptoms of this can be earache; full feeling in the ears, tinnitus, ringing of the ears, ear itch, ear odor or the ear emits a discharge.

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This is a non-evasive and gentle process, with no equipment or added supplies necessary.  Ear Candling dates back as far as approx. 2500 years and was used by American Indians, Chinese, and Egyptians and taught in German schools.

Advisories and Warnings

Ear Vessels should NOT be used on those who:

  • Have had recent ear surgery
  • Has had any recent ear injuries
  • Suffered recent ear drum damage
  • Has had artificial ear drum surgery
  • Has any serious ear problems

The information given is not to be misconstrued as medical advise, diagnosis or medical prescription.

There are many beeswax uses and beeswax benefits and using bees honey wax produces superior ear candles!  If you are looking for Handmade and Hand Crafted Ear Candles for sale online in Canada, Bee Pro International is your wax shop!


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How to Use Ear Candles


Ear Cone Instructions

Bee  Pro International provides the science of effective ear canal hygiene; to include a balanced application of 4 Luminary Vessels per application (2 per ear).  The vessel is wide enough to lift and hold extracted materials, allowing at least 12-15 luminary minutes to expire for each vessel.  THEY WILL NOT CLOG UP! Some other products made to resemble our ORIGINAL Luminary Vessel, do clog up and some instructions suggest to remove them periodically to clean them out, starting the process over again.  WE KNOW THIS TO BE THE IMPROPER WAY!  The best results are obtained by keeping the inner region of the outer ear canal warm to maximize extraction. 

Set up your area so it is warm and comfortable, you want the person to be relaxed, so maybe play soothing music or light some aromatic candles.

Ask in advance if there is a history of ear problems, and if so, which side is usually at fault or the most noticeable, helps to determine which side to begin with.  It is suggested to commence with the troublesome canal.

The client is then assisted to a comfortable position, lying horizontal on one side. The neck is supported with a very small pillow or rolled up towel.  The outer ear canal opening is pointed vertically towards the ceiling, nose to be slightly tilted towards the bench/table.

For spinal comfort a pillow may be placed between your clients knees.

Place a protective material on your client to cover shoulders, neck and hair region ( long hair tied back away from face) leaving only the ear exposed.


You will need 4 Vessels per session, 2 per ear.


Place the Vessel through the port hole opening on the faceguard/vessel plate.  Place a bowl of water nearby for easy reach for dousing when the Vessel is removed from the ear canal.

Gently pull down on the ear lobe to encourage opening of the ear to insert candle port.

Make certain a very damp, slightly wet, paper towel folded in half, is placed to cover one half of the faceguard/vessel plate.  This wet towel is to receive your cuttings of the cotton rigging (wick), WHICH MUST BE CAREFULLY CUT-OFF with a smooth scissor cut.

    - Using scissor blades, place cut off burnt wick on wet paper towel on the faceguard/   

       vessel plate.

     -  Trimming wick may collapse it, re-open using scissor points.

The center chimney port must be re-opened each time, using scissor points.  This process should take place whenever a burnt section of about 2 or 3 centimeters (1”) is exposed by the flame at the upwards end of the vessel.  By re-opening the chimney each time, a maximum uplift occurs.

DO NOT LIFT UP ON THE VESSEL AT ANY TIME OR IT MAY DISENGAGE and then the re-sealing process must done or a new Vessel.



Sealing the Luminary Vessel in the ear canal port.  THIS IS A CRITICAL PROCESS!  Unless the  narrow Luminary Vessel tip is fully sealed, air loss from the ear canal will occur and the lifting/cleaning process may not be effective.  FIRST 30 SECONDS.

Using a finger and thumb or two fingers of one hand, holding the vessel below the flame and above the faceguard/vessel plate, apply slight down pressure on the Luminary Vessel to put some of the vessel tip inside the ear canal opening.  NO HARD PRESSING.

Using the second hand, WHILE STILL HOLDING THE VESSEL DOWN slightly angle tilt the faceguard/vessel plate and rest it on the Luminary Vessel and client to expose the area of ear lobe/lap where the vessel is docked.  During the next minute, look at the area of the ear canal to see if any smoke is escaping from the canal.  If so, it will become slightly visible.  A small flashlight is helpful.

TO SEAL LUMINARY VESSEL (most self seal with slight down pressure, some may not) It is required to keep the slight down pressure on and apply very slight (almost none) turn/twist pressure, turn to the left OR right NOT both.

In a few seconds the smoke should stop if you are continuing slight down and slight turn/twist pressure.  Keep this position for another thirty seconds.  By this time, the seal is complete and the burnt rigging/wick should be about 4 to 6 cm long (between 1 to 2 in.).  FROM NOW ON DO NOT LIFT UPWARD!

Our original Luminary Vessel is specifically designed to fit majority of ear canal structures, for most people of every size. The warm propolis healing bee smoke, mixed with natural unbleached cotton fiber smoke, is directed down into the ear canal by the design of the vessel, softening the vessel tip to cause a snug fit. 

IT IS ESSENTIAL TO CHECK THE EAR CANAL occasionally in this first minute with the plate guard tilted, WITHOUT LIFTING UP on the vessel, to ensure that smoke is not exiting from the ear canal.  Use flashlight to identify small amounts of smoke that may linger and move slowly across the facial skin near the ear lobe.  To ensure a successful lift of materials, escaping smoke must be stopped.  As smoke exiting identifies air loss, apply a little more pressure (not too much)  on the Vessel itself with your fingers, holding above guard plate but well below the flame. Tilt the faceguard/plate so you can see the ear canal opening.  VERY SLIGHT DOWN PRESSURE on the vessel, turn/twist a little (ever so slightly) and hold it in the new position until the air/smoke loss has been stopped.  The warm smoke assists the design of the Luminary Vessel to re-shape itself to fit the contour of every ear canal opening.  Hold this position for about 30 more seconds, checking with the flashlight and when the seal is assured, prepare to SET THE GUARD PLATE IN POSITION.


Keeping  a little down pressure on the vessel with your fingers, above the faceguard, slowly turn the faceguard and lower it slightly to rest on the clients ear.  From this point on, you should be able to remove your fingers from the vessel itself and control the perfectly kept (vertical) vessel using only VERY SLIGHT MOVEMENTS OF THE FACEGUARD/PLATE.

Setting the faceguard/plate, after noting the vessel is fully sealed.  Care must be taken now to keep the seal! BY NOT LIFTING UP ON THE VESSEL.

1. Keep a finger and thumb above the faceguard/plate and below the flame with slight downward pressure on the vessel.  With the other hand, slowly turn the plate guard and move it downward to rest on the clients head cover towel.  Some clients want to keep a shoulder raised high, particularly if an ear has been troublesome and that makes setting the faceguard/plate more difficult.  If necessary, place a hand on clients high shoulder and ask them to relax it, setting it lower and away.

2. Maintain a slight down pressure on the vessel while you do this.  Unless you lift up on the vessel or carelessly raise the plate up and down, the vessel will remain docked inside the ear canal opening.  IT MUST BE DOCKED (SEALED) THROUGHOUT!

3. You may now hold the plate with your free hand while you remove your finger and thumb from the vessel base just above the plate.  Then change hands on the plate if its more comfortable to your application.  IT IS IMPORTANT that the technician be comfortable also, for back, shoulder and arm position. Be careful not to dislodge the vessel at any time, and MAINTAIN THE VESSEL IN VERTICAL POSITON ( if you tilt the vessel enough, like any wax candle type it will drip). 

TO SEAL LUMINARY VESSEL (most self seal with slight down pressure, some may not) It is required to keep the slight down pressure on and apply very slight (almost none) turn/twist pressure, turn to the left OR right NOT both.

Once you have changed hands (on the faceguard/plate) to best use scissors, it is best to slip 4 fingers under the plate and rest your thumb over the top of the plate.  This secures your control of the plate, and you can then control the vertical Luminary Vessel through very slight circular motions of the plate to correct tilt.  DO NOT LIFT.  A properly sealed vessel will not dislodge itself, but will dislodge if you lift up or make too many turns or motions on it.  MAXIMIZE THE BENEFIT.

Your scissor hand is now free (the one you prefer for scissor work), your other hand is holding the plate guard and resting on clients head towel.  Reaching above the guard plate to the top of vessel, pick a point just above the molten wax on the burnt wick (blackened material).  Open your scissors fully and put the blades fully across the blackened wick.  MAKE A SMOOTH CONTINUOUS CUT!  If your scissors make contact with the wax by taking too much of the wick at once, it becomes more difficult for you to dislodge the burnt cuts from scissors easily.  When you trim cut, it is helpful also to slant the scissor blades slightly towards the widest portion of the wet paper towel on the faceguard plate below.  This helps to deposit the cutting materials safely down to the wet towel area.  These cuttings may smoke a little more but eventually will cool off by towel moisture.  If you are careful not to touch the molten wax with your scissor points, it will be easier to disengage the wick cuttings on wet towels, continue this process for at least 12 to 15 minutes.  Always keep at least 8 to 10 cm (4”) of the vessel lower end unused.  This is the holding chamber of the vessel.  Contrary to thinking that burning the vessel longer will extract

more is a myth.  The  lower few inches will fill up with materials from the ear canal and this will reduce the lifting process.   This is the reason to use 2 Luminary Vessels on each ear canal.  COMPLETE 2 BEFORE STARTING THE OTHER EAR CANAL.  If you don’t  waste too much time between first and second vessel, the second on each ear canal will start with an already warm canal.

While cleaning (about 15 minutes per vessel) after every scissor cut, use scissor point to re-open the vessel port.  If the port collapses and is not re-opened, the lifting process is reduced.  NEVER PLACE FACE OR HEAD DIRECTLY ABOVE THE VESSEL FLAME, IT IS ADVISED THAT TECHNICIAN ALSO TIE BACK LONG HAIR.

Once you have successfully cleaned for the required time (12 to 15 minutes) or used 60%  of the original length, advise the client you will now be removing the vessel.

REMOVING THE USED LUMINARY VESSEL WHILE IT IS STILL BURNING.  It is important not to surprise the client by removing, which might promote moving of your client.  ADVISE THEM WHEN YOU ARE ABOUT TO REMOVE THE VESSEL.  While continuing to hold the faceguard/plate with one hand, the applicator puts the scissors down, locate the water bowl location and with the now freehand, reaches above the faceguard/plate to grip the lower vessel shell near the plate and well below the flame, using a finger and thumb or 2 fingers.

Lift the plate and the vessel at the same time and carefully move away from the clients head towel and move both towards the bowl of water.

Once safely away from your clients head, lift the burning vessel from the plate and hold it over the water bowl.  Lift the vessel straight up, out of the vessel plate and then turn the flame of the vessel downward, dunking in the water bowl.  Place the used vessel in an empty bowl nearby. 

Never distort the clients equal balance by applying  any greater irregular number of vessels to any particular side at any time.

Luminary Vessels can be used 7-10 days apart, until desired hygiene is reached or problem has been corrected, then regular maintenance visits should be 90 days.  A client will know if troublesome conditions require more frequent maintenance (60 days).

This process (of two) has taken approximately 30 minutes perhaps more.  It is now essential to balance the process by attending to opposite ear canal. 

IF YOU RUSH THE PROCESS, USING ONLY ONE AND ONE, THE RESULT IS NATURALLY LESS EFFECTIVE.  An ear canal is more resistant to first luminary vessel. 

The number of vessels per application, (2 or 4) is left to the discretion of the client and applicator arrangements for time and cost.  We suggest it is better to arrange a little more time and do it effectively (4)  as opposed to having repeat the process more frequently.

On the small plate should be 4 remaining vessel chambers.  On the right or left side is the first ear canal vessel and inside of it, is the second vessel used.  On the opposite side of the plate are the other two vessel chambers, the first on the outside and the second on the inside (unless special attention is being applied) 

To keep your scissors clean and not disturb contents with placing blackened residue inside the vessel, it is suggested that you use new scissors to cut off the blackened top portion, say  about 2 cm (1”).  Now with all 4 tops cut away, you should have about 7 cm (3”) remaining for each vessel shell stub.  Using a clean pair of scissors, start slicing the 4 vessel chambers from top through the smaller port at bottom. Try not to disturb the contents and DO NOT MIX UP ROTATION.

Check the first used vessel chamber and then the second.  You should be able to see a different color of the human ear cerumen (ear wax) between the two.  Usually, if the ear canal was not extremely resistant, it yielded very dark brown, almost black ear wax that was lodged in place for quite some time.  The second vessel usually displays a much lighter brown color wax. 

IN VERY COLD WEATHER OR NOISY WORK ENVIRONMENT it is recommended that a small cotton ball be placed inside the outer ear canal, just for a day or so while the body replaces cerumen against the eardrum.