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Bee Pro Clean & Pure Bulk Beeswax


The Beeswax purchased at Bee Pro International is the cleanest and purest in Canadian Bulk Beeswax with a high natural content of Nature’s Healing Bee Propolis.

Beeswax and Bee Propolis have been used and valued for centuries, because of all their curative properties and many uses.

Large Quantities of Bulk Beeswax Available upon request.

Bee Pro Bulk Beeswax Bars

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Golden Yellow Pure & Clean Natural Honey Bees wax Bricks





 Our Bees Wax is different than many others, sold by other outlets, we PRESERVE the NATURAL BEE PROPOLIS and DO NOT remove it from the NATURAL BEESWAX!  You get the added benefit in your beeswax of high quality of vital and healing Bee Propolis.  Just like inside the beehive.

The Beeswax purchased at Bee Pro International is the cleanest and purest in Canadian Bulk Waxes with a high natural content of Nature’s Healing Bee Propolis and other Natural Properties.


What is Honey Bees wax and How is Beeswax Made?


After the beekeeper drains or extracts the honey from the honeycomb, the honeycombs are then put into water that has been heated to145°F.  The wax melts and rises to the surface and once the water has cooled down the hot wax is collected and is allowed to solidify to cold wax.  Commercial Beekeepers may re-use their wax for fabricating new honeycombs.


Bees Wax History and Bees Wax Information

Egyptians were the first to mention Beeswax in Cleopatra’s cosmetics, cold creams and beeswax lotions.  It was so popular in the middle ages and its worth was so great that beeswax was actually used in exchange for currency.


Bees Wax Benefits

When Beeswax is taken directly from the Honeycomb, you have the yellow variety of Beeswax, while white beeswax (or bleached) is drawn from the yellow beeswax; the color is then removed with the joint action of air, sunlight and moisture or with peroxides.  Our Bee Pro Bulk Beeswax is high in Natural Bee Propolis, there are many healing properties in natures bee propolis.  Bee Propolis is known as nature’s preventative medicine, supporting and strengthening the Immune System.  Bee propolis is the protector and healer of the body, much like it works for the beehive.

Bee Propolis is a natural anti-biotic and anti-bacterial that stops the spread of bacteria and starts to heal infection immediately.

Beeswax and Bee Propolis have been used and valued for centuries, because of all their curative properties.


What is in Bee Propolis and What Does Bee Propolis Contain?


Bee Propolis contains; amino acids, organic acids, composed ethers of alcohol, elements of spores and micro elements, such as; iron, copper, zinc, anti-biotics, , plus high contents of Vitamins A, B, C, E, H, P and Pro Vitamin A and  highly active ingredients, Flavonoids or Bioflavonoids.

Honey Bee Propolis is used for many of it’s curative properties and what to do for pain, infections, sores, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, Candida Alb Cans Infections, colds, dental problems, mouth sores, pain from mouth ulcers, gum infections, hay fever, strengthen the immune system, fight fatigue, sinus congestion, swelling of the throat, sore throats, headaches, migraines, hoarseness and influenza to name a few! (see Nature’s Healing Propolis)


Bees Wax Uses

Pure beeswax is one of nature’s most perfect products, that has many healing elements and has many, many uses, such as; candles, beeswax foundation (used by beekeepers in the beehive), dread wax, gold candles, beeswax candles, waxing, homemade wax projects, craft wax, snowboard wax, wax candle, homemade recipes, household cures, health, beauty, honey wax recipes, beard wax, carving objects, etching glass, Ukrainian egg designing, moisturizing creams, fruit coating, waterproofing, baking, floor polish, furniture polish, cosmetics, grinding and polishing lens, basketry, wax crayons, candy, ski wax, ironing wax, grafting, bowstring wax, lubricants, thread wax, strengthening thread, lipsticks, nail head wax, hair products, chocolates, mustache wax, jewelry, braces, molds, bullet lubricant, archery wax, bronze preservation, lip balms, blacksmithing, bagpipe wax, soap, ear candles, sewing, ear plugs, oil spill control, cracked animal hooves, dental floss, pharmaceuticals, pool table wax, shoe polish, cheese coating, reconstruction surgery procedures, sealing jams and jellies and lubricants for zippers, windows and drawer slides.

A cold water rinse and pat down will remove bloom and will re-new your sweet aroma forever!

Clean, pure wax bricks and bars, ready for all your beeswax needs

Buy your Organic Bulk Beeswax online at your personal wax shop, Bee Pro International!

Honey Beeswax is the SMART wax and Scentsy Wax for ALL your Wax Needs!

Always Natural – Always Safe – Always Healthy!


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