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"The Herbal Warrior"

All Natural Complete Body Cleansing Program

This is our own special blend of Natural Herbs! There is nothing else like it! All our Herbs are MASTERS OF EXCELLENCE AND GOOD HEALTH. It is the Perfect Blend that makes them work well for you!  It is the best way to detox the body and assist in easy healthy, natural & safe weight loss!

Bee Pro Cap C Full Body Cleanse

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Bee Pro Cap "C" & Capsi Juice Detox and Full Body Cleanse

“The Herbal Warrior”

How to Detox Your Body Naturally and How to do a Quick Body Cleanse!

 This is our own special blend of Natural Herbs for a full body detox.  There is nothing else like it!  All our Herbs are MASTERS OF EXCELLENCE AND GOOD HEALTH and it is this perfect blend that works so well and makes Bee Pro Cap “C” the best body detox product, detox drink and cleanse diet.

What to do for Body Toxins and Home Remedies do it BEST!

If you are experiencing health issues, such as; fatigue, stress, sore achy muscles, no energy, sluggish, unexplained weight gain, troubles with digestive system, allergies, irritability, stomach pain, skin breakouts from skin conditions, bad breath, gas formation, IBS, Candida Infection, parasites or headaches, this could be your body telling you it’s time for body detoxification.  Your body could be overloaded with toxins, chemicals and poisonous substances that enter our bodies through the food we eat, pollution we breathe, water we drink and products we use for hygiene and cleaning.  Our environment is becoming more and more toxic through pollution in our air and water, and so many preservatives, saturated fat, trans fats, fillers, pesticides and insecticides in our food, not to mention remnants of prescriptions and medications and the toxins and harmful chemicals in the everyday products we use.  Ridding the body of accumulated toxins is essential for good health and Bee Pro Cap “C” is Nature’s Remedy for Body Detox, detoxifying liver, and to detoxify your system.  It is a healthy, all natural, chemical free, toxin free, full body cleanse to free the body of toxins and for natural body detoxification. A full body detox is a natural and helpful way for the body to remove these toxins and can help cleanse the body of harmful chemicals.  With all these added toxic materials in the body, the natural purification system of our body fails to sanitize them properly and slowly over time, these toxins keep piling up in the body, attaching to vital organs, increasing weight gain or making weight hard to lose and all different kinds of illnesses or health problems can arise.

Why do a Homemade Body Cleanse and How to Cleanse Your Body!

Did you ever think that when you picked up that apple or carrot at the grocery store, thinking you were making the healthy, smart choice for you and your family, not realizing the harmful toxins and chemicals, pesticides and insecticides like Carcinogens and Neonicotinoids, such as;  Imidacloprid, Clothianidin, Thiamethoxam, Acetamiprid, Dinotefuran, Nitenpyram.  There is toxin pollution in our food, water and air, such as; Mercury and Bisphenol A and there are literally thousands of toxins that we are exposed to and it is becoming a world wide crisis, 1/3 of all the fruit and vegetables sold in the US alone have insecticides, pesticides and poisons that harm our bodies, damaging vital organs and can cause diseases; our bee hives have shown up to 45 different types of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, its time to make some changes.

 There are two pathways the body uses to detoxify the body, first is the Immune Tissues (Intestinal Tract) and second is the Enzymes of the liver, toxins that get by the Intestinal Tract are then delivered to the liver.  The liver has 2 phases to detoxification, phase 1 different transformations occur to stop harm to our body and phase 2 where a series of reactions occur to make the toxins less toxic.  The liver filters these toxins, then releases them to the colon to exit the body, when the liver becomes clogged or overwhelmed with toxins they then are distributed through the bloodstream.

 A large number of people are prevented from losing weight because these toxins have attached themselves to their body fat, they are also stored in tissue and vital organs and by not removing them they can cause serious harm to our bodies.  The sheer number of toxins found in the body today can overwhelm the body and interfere with our bodies Immune System, which is vital for protection from disease, illness and for Optimal Good Health.

The skin is another way these toxins will leave the body, which can bring on attacks of eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin problems and these outbreaks are usually a tell tale sign that there are built up toxins in your body.  Chemicals and toxins in our skin creams go straight to the bloodstream and because they are applied externally they do not pass through the Immune System or Liver.  What some people may not be aware of is how these toxins can bring on many other problems, such as; Irritable Bowel, Crohn’s Syndrome and Candida, also inflammation of body parts.

Here’s something else you may not know about, here are 2 of the most natural and healthy ways to purge your body of unwanted toxins and protect your skin from chemicals. Bee Pro Cap “C”, “The Herbal Warrior”, is the safest and easiest way to rid your body of unwanted, harmful toxins that are being stored in body fat, vital organs and body tissue.  There are many other benefits from this homemade recipe and by using Bee Pro Cap “C’ and from drinking the Capsi Juice, the Body Toxin Eliminator!  The purpose of detoxification is to flush out unwanted and stored toxins, but there are many other benefits that will happen on your “Perfect Ten” the perfect ten day, All Natural Body Cleanse.  Body fat is lost from the body, some have reported up to a pound a day, that’s 10 pounds in just 10 days, all unhealthy, unwanted fat that the stored toxins have been preventing you from losing.  You will notice increased energy, more effective work outs, exercise becomes easier, decrease in inflammation to the joints, prevention of troublesome skin condition outbreaks and you will start to feel better in as little as just 3 days! Using Bee Pro Dermalux Total Skin Care Cream everyday is the other healthy and natural way to treat, repair, protect and nourish your bodies skin.  When treating your body to the “Herbal Warrior” and the “Perfect Ten” you are making a healthy and smart body choice, this is why and how it works.  We back up the Cap “C” with the fruit from capsicum, pungent Red Peppers, healthy Lignan from Husk Flax, Psyllium Husk, Ginseng and Spinach for body strength and smarts, Unsweetened Cocoa for anti-oxidant, Nettle for anti-aging, Myrrh and Turmeric to settle the stomach and eliminate bloating indigestion, Peppermint for sweet breath and to control body odor

Remember this is all happening while you are detoxifying dangerous and harmful toxins from your body! 

One of the major advantages that can be achieved through detoxifying the body naturally and a detoxifying diet or fast is slowing down the natural aging process.  Other benefits are; vitality, stronger immune system to fend off disease, illness, bacteria and viruses, younger youthful skin, normal bowel and digestive system, increased energy, feel better, look better, body revival, better exercise programs or workouts and a zest for life, all from starting your healthier lifestyle.  Workouts become easier and more effective and your brain and mind will function clearer.  Helping your body with detoxification means your body doesn’t have to work as hard, which means less strain on your body and body organs.

The kidney, digestive system and liver are the worker bees of the body hive, they ensure all is safe, sanitized and sterilized in the body, just as the bee propolis works for the beehive.  Your body will have a renewed energy that the body can now use to renew your body’s cells.  You can expect a re-invigorated immune system, recharged with energy, an enhanced well being, less pain, fewer allergy symptoms, fewer skin breakouts from skin conditions, shinier hair, better healthier skin, fewer colds & flus and just over all better health.

A full body detox will rest your body network and put your body & brain back on track, so your body has a better chance of fighting off disease and infection.

A person should try to detox the toxins in the body with natural detox methods at least once a year.  Preservatives-laden processed foods should not be apart  of your daily diet as well as; caffeine, cigerettes, refined sugars, saturated fats, Trans fats and alcohol, which all contains poisonous substances and chemicals & toxins that need to be naturally flushed/purged from the body with Bee Pro Cap “C” and Cap “C” Juice herbal detox.  The added lemon will provide nutritional support while you go through your body detoxification.

“The Perfect Ten”

How to Cure Body Toxin Build Up!

The Perfect ten is the perfect 10 day body cleanse with Bee Pro Cap “C” for better body health and better bodies.  Once you have completed an effective toxin cleanse/purge (which should be 10 days) your body will be ready to make whatever improvements you desire.  Exercising becomes easier, in fact your body will start to work better in just 3-4 days into your Cap “C” Juice fast.  This is meant to be a fasting cleanse, but if this is not for you, organic fruits and vegetables can be added.  Careful not to put any harmful toxins in your body while you are detoxifying your body.

Our Bee Pro Cap “C” All Natural Body Cleanse will hydrate, nourish, support and balance your bodies network, very quickly, delivering double the energy and help with unhealthy weight gain.

Enjoy living a better life with the Cap “C” Juice, detox program 3 0r 4 times a year.  It’s good for you and easy to manage.  One bottle is a full years supply or enough for 2-3 friends or family members to cleanse together.

 Take Control – Start Today!

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Learn how to detox your body with Bee Pro Cap “C”, The “Herbal Warrior”

Helps with skin break outs from eczema, psoriasis, acne and rocasea by eliminating body toxin!

This is not a 7 Step to - It is a 1 Step , 10 Day Detoxification Diet and Purify Body Cleanse.  If you do the 1 Step Detox & Cleanse Program, you will experience numerous product benefits for Health and Beauty.

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