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Tornado Survival, Tornato Facts & Tornado Tips and Tornado Information

Tornadoes are rotating columns of air that touch the ground, which are brought on by large severe thunderstorms.  On average there is at least 1000 tornadoes every year in the United States alone and have occurred in 48 Continental States.  They can occur and cause severe damage, injuries and deaths, at any time of the year, although in the Southern States, peak tornado season is March through May, while peak season for Northern States is the summer.  The strongest and most violent of tornadoes generally pass through South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas.

Tornado Facts

Tornadoes are Nature’s Most Destructive Force and 1000 Touch down every year (100-200 being severe tornadoes) in the US alone, they are more common to occur in the US and the most noticeable being Tornado Alley.

Out of 10,000 Thunderstorms per year in the US, 1000 will turn into Tornadoes and Tornadoes cause approximately, 70 fatalities and 1000 injuries each year. They produce winds from 250 mph – 320 mph, can be as wide as a mile and stay on the ground for over 50 miles and for as long 3 hours.

Tornado Tips

Our chances of surviving a tornado can greatly increase, if you plan and prepare for emergencies!  Tornadoes cause the most damage after they have touched down, normally a tornado touch down will last on an average of 20 minutes or so, but can touch down many times, in many locations.  The 3 most common causes of fatalities due to Tornado are; collapsing buildings, hit by flying objects and try to escape or outrun the tornado by vehicle.

With the weather changing so quickly and storms and natural disasters happening everywhere, we don’t always have the time to prepare and plan for evacuation or survival.  A tornado watch means that conditions are favorable and to take the necessary precautions.  Tornadoes are most likely to happen in the late afternoon on a hot spring day, however they have occurred at all times, day or night.

Tornado Scale 

F0 (Gale Tornado) 40–70mph winds, could cause minor damage to sign boards, uproot small plants and break tree branches.

F1 (Mild-Moderate Tornado) 73-112mph winds, can push over mobile homes or even cars and  move other heavy objects around.

F2 (Significant Tornado) 113-157 mph winds, can snap trees in half and even uproot some and turn over train cars.

F3 (Severe Tornado) 158-206 mph winds, can tear walls and roofs right off  some well structured homes, uproot most trees, lift heavy cars and other objects right off the ground for a bit.

F4 (Devastating Tornado) 207-260 mph winds, can level well constructed homes, throw cars and heavy debris.

F5 (Incredible Tornado) 261+mph winds, causes major damage, homes destroyed, roads turned upside down, etc…

A tornado warning presents an immediate threat and is issued when a tornado has been spotted visually or on the weather radar.

Tornado Survival

FEMA Tornado Advisory:

 1. Go at once to the basement, storm cellar or lowest level of a building.

2. If no basement, go to an inner hallway or smaller inner room without windows, such as a closet or the bathroom.  If possible cover your body with a small mattress or blankets.  Put as many walls between you and the outdoors as possible.

3. Stay away from all windows and DO NOT open them for any reason; keep everything shut tight and locked.

4. Retreat to the middle of a room, as room corners tend to attract debris.

5. Hide under sturdy or heavy furniture, such as; work bench, heavy table or desk and hold on.

6. Use your arms to protect your face, head and neck.

7. In a department store, get against heavy shelving or counters.  In a theater, under the seats and remember to protect your head.

8. Avoid vehicles and treed areas

 If you are in a vehicle during a tornado, stop and find a safe place to hide, if this is not possible, duck down in the lowest place you can find, such as; a ditch or gulley.

Do NOT find refuge under a bridge or overpass as many people have died because it acts as a wind tunnel, attracting the strong winds and flying debris.

REMEMBER it is established it may take up to 72 hours for help to arrive so make sure you have 3 days rations and it may take up to a week or more for power to be restored in some places so ALWAYS have your Bee Pro Survival Tins & Bee Pro Survival Matches on hand at all times.

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If you are looking for more information on survival training, preparing for disaster, disaster management, Emergency Response or Disaster Information;

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