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Attention Outdoor Enthusiasts, Adventurists, Snowmobilers, Hunters, Skiers, Hikers & Survivalists

We all know with Outdoor Activities there is always some element potential danger and of the unknown, people get lost on the trails or slopes of the ski hills everyday and can’t be found till day break or until they are rescued and there is always when you get stuck or breakdown in your off-road vehicle.

The wilderness of the mountains can be a scary, unpredictable place with no one around for miles and miles and not having the proper provisions (preplanned) can make the biggest difference in your chances for Survival! 

Now What?

You start looking around for wood in the dark or in the snow? Cry? Scream? NO! You were prepared to Survive!


You immediately go to your off road vehicle or backpack and pull out you very own trusty, never fail, Bee Pro Survival Torch Tin, light it ( because of course you always carry emergency matches) and stay lit up, warm safe and secure for hours and hours!

Wilderness Survival

There are literally thousands of Parks and Wilderness Areas around the nation and inexperienced and unprepared hikers, skiers, mountain climbers and mountain bikers get lost ALL the time and so lost that they need to be rescued!

People under-estimate how physically challenging, demanding and exhausting the wilderness can be and what they will need when the time comes to Survive!

Wilderness Survival Kit Items

Heat Thermal Blanket, Bee Pro Survival Torch/Candle, Bee Pro Survival Matches, Small First Aid Kit, Multi Purpose Tool, Rope or String, Fishing Line & Hook, pack of kleenex, Bottled Water and Food (dried fruits & nuts, energy or granola bars, instant coffee, chocolate bars etc…)

The frigid cold prohibits the ability to think, numbing the body and reduces the will to survive.  It is imperative to keep moving and to NOT fall asleep.

If the body core temperature drops below 98.6°F/37°C, a person could die within hours.

What to do to Survive in the Wilderness!

Try to build yourself a shelter if possible using logs, sticks or rocks, anything you can find to help shelter you from the wind and harsh temperatures.  If there is not enough suitable materials around you to build a shelter you can make a hole in the snow preferably under a large tree base, the cave will work like an igloo and the tree will provide shelter.  Be sure to have all your provisions with you, along with anything you can scrounge up and your Bee Pro Survival Tin & Survival Matches, then while you still have daylight gather as much dry wood as you can find, when you think you have enough, collect more.  Build your fire at the entrance of your shelter, keeping rocks around and underneath to provide extra heat. 

Finding water under ice or small frozen rivers, you can also melt ice or snow with your survival torch and it is always safer to boil any water you drink in the outdoors unless you know it is from a fresh mountain stream.

Be sure to add to your Emergency Disaster Kit (see above) a warm hat, gloves, hand warmers and an emergency blanket for winter survival.

REMEMBER it is established it may take up to 72 hours for help to arrive so make sure you have 3 days rations and it may take up to a week or more for power to be restored in some places so ALWAYS have your Bee Pro Survival Tins & Bee Pro Survival Matches on hand at all times.

The Unique & Original design of the Bee Pro Bees Wax Survival Torch/Candle was specifically designed for multiple survival purposes and survival uses, such as; Natural DisastersEmergenciesTornadoesHurricanesEarthquakesSevere stormsPower OutagesWinter Survival & Wilderness Survival,Emergency/Disaster/Survival Kits and should be kept in ALL; homes, cabins, RVs, storm cellars, vehicles, offices, schools, businesses, 4x4’s, snowmobiles & backpacks.  These Essential Multi Survival Tools will assist you in the time of crisis with critical light & warmth (1 torch will light up an entire room) and security and Beeswax is the only fuel known to modern science to burn at temperatures of 60° below 0 (butane lighters are unreliable).  Bee Pro Beeswax Survival Torches and Survival Matches are impervious to water, resists mildew, and do not melt in the sun, the torches will heat food, boil & sterilize water, act as a rescue signal, ward off unwanted wildlife, provide security and also when beeswax is burned it will release negative ions into the air, which will trap and neutralize bacteria, viruses, dust and pollen in the air, providing you with clean air.  What other Survival Tool can do all these things?

The Bee Pro Beeswax Survival Torch/Candle and Bee Pro Beeswax Dipped Survival Matches are not only Essential Survival Tools, but the Torch/Candle can also be used right in your fireplace (in or outdoor), patio, garden, RV, Motorhome, or Cabin and when you have a Citronella Torch/Candle you will no longer have to deal with those pesky insects and bugs.  This multi purpose torch/candle comes in sturdy aluminum tins with lids, they are hand-crafted, environmentally friendly, reusable or refillable with our easy Bee Pro Torch Refills will pop right into your torch tin and all Torches/Candles are Chemical, Toxin, Metal & Tin Free and are safe to burn in small enclosures unlike paraffin wax candles, which when burned releases carcinogens that are harmful.  These are NOT regular candles & should not be considered as one, each torch wick is 8X hotter and brighter per wick than the average candles, designed to burn evenly and maintain wick usability.  They are used by outdoor adventurists, hikers, skiers, snowmobilers, mountain climbers, cross country, lodges, chalets, fishermen, survivalists, wilderness, bushcraft, hunters, off roaders, travelers, military, watercraft, vehicles, RVs, motorhomes, campers, quads, 4x4’s, cabins and fishing shacks!


Every outdoor enthusiast, emergency kit and backpack should be properly equipped with a Bee Pro Single Survival Torch and Bee Pro Beeswax Dipped Survival Matches, it only makes sense!  This special pack of Survival Matches are hand wrapped and hand dipped in Canadian Beeswax, which is impervious to water, resists mildew and does not melt in the sun.  If you find yourself in an emergency situation, your Bee Pro Survival Matches will be there to help you survive, also just as important in survival is light and heat, this is where our Bee pro Survival Torch comes in.  These is our own Unique and Original Design of Torch which come inSingle Torch, Double Torch and Triple Torch and they are an absolute MUST in the time of crisis, whether it is as simple as a power outage or as frightening as getting lost in the woods, breaking down in your vehicle or a Natural Disaster, these two products will deliver on their promises, to light up your environment, provide warmth, boil your water for drinking, heat your food and ward off unwanted wildlife. 

Invest in your safety, the safety of your family and Be Prepared to Survive!


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