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Garden & Patio All Natural Beeswax Citronella Torch/Candles


Spending time on our Patios, Porches, Yards and Gardens is a pleasurable, peaceful and serene environment that most people enjoy very much, spending hours and hours enjoying the sounds of nature, sunshine and ambience.

People also like to have in the yard, patio and garden are pretty or scented outdoor candles & torches for looks, light and to keep the pesky insects at bay and avoid the annoyance of bug bites & insect stings with a Citronella Torch/Candle.


Some of the largest complaints with outdoor & indoor candles are that they melt in the sun, the wick becomes submerged in wax, leave a waxy mess or have a thick black smoke (which can contain Harmful chemical, toxins & carcinogens see Dangers of Paraffin Wax).

A lot of commercial waxes that are produced and used for household purposes, cosmetics, skin care creams & candles can contain harmful chemicals, toxins, fragrances, dyes or colors, metals & tins and can create health hazards.


Our very Unique Original Design of Torch/Candle gives off a brilliant golden natural flame that resembles that of a natural fire, giving off a sweet aroma of honey and flowers from the All Natural & Healthy 100% Canadian Beeswax.  This Torch/Candle Burns Evenly, Does not lose its wick, will not only keep you lit up and warm, it will keep you safe by warding off unwanted wildlife.  All Our Torch/Candle Tins are also available with citronella to keep away those pesky insects at the same time and have very Easy Pop in Refills, to pop right in your Bee Pro Aluminum Tin!  Although these Torches look like a candle, they are NOT an average Candle, it is our very Unique & Original Design of Torch Wick, which provide more light, 8x more heat per wick, burns longer (hundreds of hours of repeated use) and more natural fragrance!


Another attractive feature of the Bee Pro Multiple Wick Survival Torch Tin is in your indoor or outdoor fireplace, on your patio, garden, camper, RV or cabin!  They are completely Safe to Burn in small enclosures and are FREE of Chemicals & Toxins (unlike Paraffin Wax).


The Bee Pro Survival Torch/Candle Tins are not only wonderful for camping and fireplaces but are also an Essential Survival Tool, along with our Bee Pro Beeswax Dipped Survival Matches.  They are what everyone must have and they could possibly Help to Save Your Life, Aid in Survival or Be Rescued!

Keeping a Single (Auto) Wick in your car, truck, emergency kit, snowmobile, four wheeler etc… will keep warm, safe, secure and lit up till help can find you or you can be rescued.  A Single Wick will burn up to 10 continuous hours or the multi wicks for more than a hundred hours of repeated use.


Now when Power Outages strike there will be no need to light candles all over the house, just light your Bee Pro Survival Torch/Candle and watch it light up your room while you wait for the power to be restored.


  Bee Pro Survival Torches will give hundreds of hours of repeated use and These 2 Survival Tools Could Help to Save Your Life or Be Rescued!

Prepare for It! – Live Through It – Survive It!

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