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How to Have Great Overall Skin Health  


The health of one’s skin should be one of the most important concerns we have when it comes to one’s overall good health, simply for the fact that it covers our whole body and healthy skin makes us feel better about ourselves and look better!  There are many vital nutrients the body’s skin requires for many different reasons, purposes and needs protection from.  Here we will list a few of the most important skin nutrients and how they can help to prevent skin problems or deficiencies before they arise.  When skin problems occur it is usually an indication and the result of some other skin problem or nutrient deficiency in the skin or body.  The secret to healthy, glowing, beautiful and youthful skin is not really a secret at all, it’s not complicated nor is it found in a lab inside a test tube, it’s as simple as using a skin cream formulated for what the skin naturally needs and requires!  Bee Pro Dermalux TOTAL Skin Care Cream isn’t made with 1 special ingredient that works for only 1 problem; it’s made with 75 of Mother Nature’s Finest & Purest ingredients to assist with ALL of your Skin Care Needs, Preventative Skin Maintenance and Skin Protection against natural & environmental elements, bacteria, infection and more!

Some of the most valuable nutrients your skin requires to be its healthiest are Vitamins A, B, C, E & K, Copper, Zinc and Essential Fatty Acids, such as; Omega 3/6. Stearic and Oleic Fatty Acids.

Vitamin A is absolutely necessary in maintaining & repairing the skin tissue, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, acne, psoriasis relief and when added with Vitamin C, studies show that the skin alterations associated with aging are reversed.  A Vitamin A deficiency related symptom could be dry, flaky skin and by using Vitamin A topically you will notice a significant difference in your skins appearance and the way your skin feels and looks.

Vitamin B forms the basis of the skin cells and when used topically it will hydrate your skin cells, increase overall skin tone, work as a anti-inflammatory, help to retain moisture, soothe dry & irritated skin and give the skin an instant healthy glow.  People who suffer from Dermatitis could also have a Vitamin B deficiency.

Vitamin C used topically can encourage the protection of vital collagen, as your body did when you were younger.  According to new dermatologic discoveries Vitamin A & E are of the MOST important to counter the effects of sun exposure, sun damage,  aids in reducing free radicals that deplete collagen and elastin, which causes wrinkles, fine lines, aging and  Vitamin C also aids in scar removal. 

Vitamin E used topically also soothes the symptoms caused by dry, rough skin.

Vitamin K is effective and required for reducing skin bruising and decreasing skin wrinkles.

Copper is very important to the skins health and together with Vitamin C & Zinc helps to develop elastin and will support the structure of the skin.

Zinc used topically controls the oil production of the skin and helps with skin lesions or existing acne.  In fact the actual cause for the acne outbreak itself could be brought on by a zinc deficiency.

Preventative skin maintenance is the key and NOT waiting until the symptoms or outbreaks occur!  ONE STEP METHOD – One Amazing Cream!

Essential Fatty Acids (such as; stearic, oleic and Omega 3/6) Omega 3/6 are critical for healthy balanced skin, production of the skins natural oil barrier and helps keep the skin youthful & smooth, deficiency symptoms can be dry skin, skin inflammations, blackheads and whiteheads.  Stearic and Oleic Fatty Acids helps to maintain the skins moisture and most important Skin Elasticity!  Actually restoring the elasticity of the skin and maintaining a healthy skin balance.


This is just some of what is essential for healthy glowing, flawless and youthful skin, although it seems like a lot of things to consider, DON”T WORRY, we thought of it ALL and we’ve got you Covered (literally). In this very Unique & Original “Natural Skin Doctor” Bee Pro Dermalux TOTAL Skin Care Cream is the very first step to naturally diagnosing, replacing, repairing, correcting, protecting, healing and taking preventative measures by using the natural answer to healthy, beautiful skin.

In Bee Pro Dermalux TOTAL Skin Care Cream you will not only find the above skin requirements and nutrients and in total you will find 75 All Natural & Healthy ingredients, which explains why it works so amazingly well for ALL your skin care needs!


Produced by Mother Nature, Honeybee Approved and made by The Bee Product Professionals!

Always Natural – Always Safe – Always Healthy!



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So what this whole list of skin problems, skin conditions, skin requirements and skin solutions tells you is that ONE AMAZING Skin Cream CAN do it All and DO it RIGHT!


Our motto is Make it Once, Make it Real, Make it Right, Make it Safe and Make it Work because Natural & Healthy ALWAYS works best!


Your ONE Skin Care Solution for Most of your Skins Problems, concerns, issues and needs – Bee Pro Dermalux TOTAL Skin Care Cream!

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