Long, Strong and Healthy Fingernails!

How to Have Long, Strong and Healthy Fingernails


What are Fingernails? and Why Do We Have Fingernails?


The fingernail plays an important role on the body, as they serve as protection for sensitive nerve ending and can also be an important fingernail health indicator, the fingernail color, fingernail shape, fingernail texture and more are a tell tale sign that you have other health issues that need to be addressed – not to mention healthy fingernails that look good makes us feel good.  Fingernails will show you health problems, issues or deficiencies through their overall health, a healthy nail that is a peachy-pink color shows a healthy blood supply.

The fingernail is made of a protein called “Keratin”, the nail plate consists of dead cells that do not breathe or require oxygen, unlike the fingernail bed and cuticles that are living cells that require oxygen to breathe, vitamins, nutrients and moisture to maintain healthy fingernails.

Fingernail Health


It is important to maintain strong & healthy fingernails and what you may not know about the fingernail is that, like the body’s skin, which requires moisturizing, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to be their healthiest.  A lack or deficiency of any of these essential nutrients can result in dry and brittle, unhealthy fingernails.  What also could be directly responsible for dry and brittle fingernails are the strong products you use to clean, beauty products that contain harmful chemicals, insufficient water consumption or lack of the moisturizing and lack of nutrients the fingernails require to be healthy can all be the cause.

How to Have Long, Strong and Healthy Fingernails & Healthy Cuticles 


All it really requires to obtain and maintain Long, Strong, Beautiful, Healthy and Naturally Shiny Fingernails is to start a daily regime of using a small amount of the All Natural & Healthy “Skin Doctor” Bee Pro Dermalux TOTAL Skin Care Beeswax Cream and massage gently into your fingernails and cuticles, and for a added brilliant natural shine just simply buff the nail with a standard tissue for long lasting natural luster.

Acrylic or Artificial Fingernails are NEVER the Smart or Natural solution for long fingernails, as most DO NOT allow the nail bed to naturally breathe and they can use harmful chemicals that can damage the fingernail plate or the removal of acrylic fingernails can damage sensitive fingernail skin.

Proper diet, nail hygiene and replacing vital moisture, vitamins, minerals and nutrients are essential for faster fingernail growth and healthier, stronger fingernails and healthy cuticles.


Vitamin, Minerals and Nutrients for Healthier, Longer, Stronger, Hydrated, Protected and Naturally Shiny Fingernails


Vitamin A:  Prevents dry and brittle fingernails

Vitamin B:  Promotes Stronger Fingernails

           B12:  Promotes nail growth, strengthening and fingernail color

Vitamin C:  Prevents Hangnails, swelling of the nail tissue & dry brittle 


Vitamin D:  Helps absorb Calcium, increases nail growth and prevents

                     brittle fingernails

Vitamin E:  Improves fingernail strength and fingernail texture

Omega 3:    Improves & Prevents brittle and dry fingernails as well as

                     Strengthens the fingernails


Zinc:           White spot deficiency

Biotin:         Fingernail thickness and brittle or thin fingernails

Amino Acids:  Fingernail Growth

Silica:          Fingernail Strength

Calcium:     Is very important for Healthy Fingernails


Fingernail Facts and Fingernail Tips


-         Manicures have been dated back as far as 4000 years

-         Normal Fingernail growth is approx. 1 cm every 3 months

-         It will take 4-6 months for total fingernail re-growth

-         Longest fingernail recorded was 48” long

-         Women’s fingernails grow slower than men’s and the index fingernail grows faster than the                     thumb nail

-         Freshly and regularly trimmed fingernails apparently grow faster than those that are not

-         Fingernails are said to grow faster in warmer temperatures, during the day, during pregnancy               and in younger people

-         Slight stimulation is also said to promote fingernail growth, for example massage or typing, which promotes stimulation.

All you really need to know is that when you use a small amount of Bee Pro Dermalux TOTAL Skin Care Cream daily, massaged into your fingernails, not only will you achieve long, strong and beautiful fingernails, but you will replace, repair, correct and protect your fingernails & cuticles and the result will be Healthy, Shiny and Gorgeous Fingernails.


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It’s the Smart, Safe, Healthy and Natural

 Fingernail Health Solution!


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So what this whole list of skin problems, skin conditions, skin requirements and skin solutions tells you is that ONE AMAZING Skin Cream CAN do it All and DO it RIGHT!

Our motto is Make it Once, Make it Real, Make it Right, Make it Safe and Make it Work because Natural & Healthy ALWAYS works best!


Your ONE Skin Care Solution for Most of your Skins Problems, concerns, issues and needs – Bee Pro Dermalux TOTAL Skin Care Cream!


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