Toxin & Chemicals in our Bodies and in our Products



Toxin & Chemicals in our Bodies and in our Products

Did you ever think that when you picked up that apple or carrot at the grocery store, thinking you were making the healthy, smart choice for you and your family, not realizing the harmful toxins and chemicals, pesticides and insecticides like Carcinogens and Neonicotinoids, such as;  Imidacloprid, Clothianidin, Thiamethoxam, Acetamiprid, Dinotefura, Nitenpyram.  There is toxin pollution in our food, water, air such as; Mercury and Bisphenol A and there are literally thousands of toxins that we are exposed to and it is becoming a world wide crisis, 1/3 of all the fruit and vegetables sold in the US alone.  These dangerous toxins can harm our bodies, damaging vital organs and can cause diseases; our bee hives have shown up to 45 different types of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, its time to make some changes.  ( See How To Save The Bees! )

There are two pathways the body uses to detoxify the body, first is the Immune Tissues (Intestinal Tract) and second is the Enzymes of the liver, toxins that get by the Intestinal Tract are then delivered to the liver.  The liver has 2 phases to detoxification, phase 1 different transformations occur to stop harm to our body and phase 2 where a series of reactions occur to make the toxins less toxic.  The liver filters these toxins, then releases them to the colon to exit the body, when the liver becomes clogged or overwhelmed with toxins they then are distributed through the bloodstream.

A large number of people are prevented from losing weight (See Bee Pro Cap C ) because these toxins have attached themselves to their body fat, they are also stored in tissue and vital organs and by not removing them they can cause serious harm to our bodies.  The sheer number of toxins found in the body today can overwhelm the body and interfere with our bodies Immune System, which is vital for protection from disease and illness.

The skin (Skin Health) is another way these toxins will leave the body, which can bring on attacks of eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin problems and these outbreaks are usually a tell tale sign that there are built up toxins in your body.  Chemicals and toxins in our skin creams go straight to the bloodstream and because they are applied externally they do not pass through the Immune System or Liver.  What some people may not be aware of is how these toxins can bring on many other problems, such as; Irritable Bowel, Crohn’s Syndrome and Candida, also inflammation of body parts.

Here’s something else you may not know about, here are 2 of the most natural and healthy ways to purge your body of unwanted toxins and protect your skin from chemicals. Bee Pro Cap “C”, “The Herbal Warrior”, is the safest and easiest way to rid your body of unwanted, harmful toxins that are being stored in body fat, vital organs and body tissue.  There are many other benefits from using Bee Pro Cap “C’ and from drinking the Capsi Juice, the body toxin eliminator!  The purpose of detoxification is to flush out unwanted and stored toxins, but there are many other benefits that will happen on your “Perfect Ten” the perfect ten day, All Natural Body Cleanse.  Body fat is lost from the body, some have reported up to a pound a day, that’s 10 pounds in just 10 days, all unhealthy, unwanted fat that the stored toxins have been preventing you from losing.  You will notice increased energy, more effective work outs, exercise becomes easier, decrease in inflammation to the joints, prevention of troublesome skin condition outbreaks and you will start to feel better in as little as just 3 days! When treating your body to the “Herbal Warrior” and the “Perfect Ten” you are making a healthy and smart body choice, this is why and how it works.  We back up the Cap “C” with the fruit from capsicum, pungent Red Peppers, healthy Lignan from Husk Flax, Psyllium Husk, Ginseng and Spinach for body strength and smarts, Unsweetened Cocoa for anti-oxidant, Nettle for anti-aging, Myrrh and Turmeric to settle the stomach and eliminate bloating indigestion, Peppermint for sweet breath and to control body odor.  Remember this is all happening while you are detoxifying dangerous and harmful toxins from your body! 

The other important smart and healthy choice you can make is for your body skin, a lot of the creams, lotions and other household salves, ointments and products have serious, harmful chemicals in them.  When it comes to our skin, we are very aware of its condition at all times, how it feels, dry, unhealthy, flaky, creased with fine lines and wrinkles, we notice everything, age spots, blemishes and the list goes on.  With all this in mind and knowing what the nasty chemicals they are putting in our products and expecting us to use them EVERYDAY!  This is ridiculous, unreasonable and unhealthy for our skin, especially when we are already fighting these toxins and chemicals that are in our bodies.  Only nature’s natural ingredients can properly replace the damage from all the different elements, including nature itself! At Bee Pro International we keep this first and foremost when making our All Natural products, and Bee Pro Dermalux Total Skin Care Cream is completely natural, made from Canada’s purest, highest Grade of Natural Propolis, Alberta Beeswax, with a total of 75 Nature’s finest and purest ingredients.

You will no longer have to suffer through the horrible symptoms of skin condition out breaks like Eczema, Psoriasis and Acne; you will have a complete One Step Method in moisturizer & total skin care.  Bee Pro Dermalux has exquisite coverage and is completely safe for all skin types, those with diabetes and all ages including infants.  It works outstanding for wrinkles and fine lines, skin burns (1st, 2nd and surface burns), sun and wind burns, age spots, stretch marks, chapped and sore lips, skin rashes, insect bites, cuticles, fingernail growth, sore joints, arthritis, dry skin, cracked heals, sore itchy skin, toe nails, split hair ends, diaper rash and more.  It’s hard to believe that it works for so many things, but that’s how you know it works because it does WORK and Deliver for so many issues and skin problems.

You no longer need to spend your hard earned money on endless creams and lotions

(that don’t deliver on their promises), prescriptions, salves, ointments, bug bite relief, sunburns relief salves, we got you covered!  Bee Pro Dermalux works so well because of all of its natural, protecting and healing ingredients; this is the why and the how of this magnificent miracle creamBee Pro Dermalux Total Skin Care Cream is a self-diagnosing, anti-biotic, anti-bacterial, anti- allergic, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory with high vital Propolis, Omega 3, Vitamins E, C,D, and A, Seed Butters; extracts from pure Shea cocoa bean and acacia Senegal gum, Flower and plant extracts; Nobilius Anthemis, lavender, valeriana, avena sativa, extanthum gum and citrus aurantium dulcis, Oils; grape seed, vinifera, eucalyptus globulus, tea tree, pure vegetable (E) glycerine, triglyceride, ethythexyl cocate, hypo allergenic petroleum gel, Natural Fragrances;  long lasting subtle fragrance/perfume via a combination of flowers.

The way this very unique and special cream covers, protects, smoothens and heals the dermis, speaks for itself and it truly does deliver on it’s promises!  Thousands of people use this product (some are addicted) and beg us never to stop making this wonderful All Natural, Toxin and Chemical FREE Total Skin Care Cream and we promise we won’t!  Let Nature and Bee Pro Dermalux do the work for you!  Chemicals to watch for in your products are Carcinogens (cancer causing), Neurotoxins (damage Nervous System), Hydroquinone, Artificial Fragrances, Mineral Oil (petroleum based), Bentonite, Koalin, Collagen, Lanolin, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Benzoate, Glycerin, Talc, Diethanolamine (DEA), Benzylphanone, Propylene Glycol ( speeds up aging process & causes skin irritation and contact dermis), Imidazolidinyl and Diazolidinyl (causes contact dermis), Synthetic Colors (allergic to the skin), Triethanolamine (TEA) (causes various allergic reactions including dryness of the skin  and more, the names of these chemicals are usually a killer indication.

In conclusion these are the facts before you, it’s up to you to make an informed decision, be aware, educate yourself on the products and its ingredients you are currently using, and make smart decisions for your health, your body, skin and for your loved ones as well!  Commit yourself to a toxin free body, healthier, happier skin and better over all good health and remember to Bee Healthy and Bee Natural! 

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So what this whole list of skin problems, skin conditions, skin requirements and skin solutions tells you is that ONE AMAZING Skin Cream CAN do it All and DO it RIGHT!


Our motto is Make it Once, Make it Real, Make it Right, Make it Safe and Make it Work because Natural & Healthy ALWAYS works best!


Your ONE Skin Care Solution for Most of your Skins Problems, concerns, issues and needs – Bee Pro Dermalux TOTAL Skin Care Cream!


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