Benefits of Healthy Beeswax Products



Why Natural Products Work Best and Why You Should Use Natural Beeswax Products with Healthy Ingredients!

-         All Natural ingredients are made by nature and they are accepted easier and naturally by the body because they were naturally made for us.

-         Healthy – When you always know that the ingredients in your products are completely natural and safe, then you know they are healthy.

-         Organic Products are FREE of Chemicals, Toxins, Fillers, Artificial or Harmful Ingredients, they are usually used by manufacturers because they are cheap, or will appear to work but could be potentially harmful for you and your family!

-         No Side Effects – Natural Products with natural ingredients, used properly will very seldom come with any side effects if they are used correctly in production.

-         Safe for ALL Ages and All People – Natural & Healthy will usually mean safe for all to use, although honey is not recommended for infants.

-         Commercial Companies with sales, numbers and profit margins and use synthetic, artificial or unnatural ingredients often create the illusion of solution, they create more product for less or sold cheaper  for higher volume, but guaranteed these ingredients are not used because they work best, are more efficiently or are healthier for you and your family.

-         Always look at the source from which the ingredient was produced from, for example; paraffin wax is produced from the slug at the bottom of a petroleum product which releases harmful carcinogens when burned! Unlike Beeswax which releases negative ions into the air which catches, traps and neutralizes the bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust and impurities in the air you breathe, once again proving natural is ALWAYS the Smarter and Healthier Choice!

-         Harmful and potentially dangerous toxins and chemicals are found in an abundance in our air, food, water, skin, beauty and household products and it only makes sense that if you take control of the products you choose and use by choosing what’s in them and who makes them!  Having a large amount of toxins in the body will create strain and once the filtering system is clogged or full the body will try to reject this toxin waste through the skin and other ways that can create various health problems and skin conditions.

-         Natural & Healthy ingredients usually always contain natural vitamins, minerals or nutrients and will work for multiple problems.

-         To achieve Overall Good Health and wellness it only makes sense to naturally cure, solve, correct, repair or replace what the body lacks and needs.

-         Natures Creations produce Natural ingredients and materials which creates Healthy Natural Organic Products that naturally work best!

-         Natural & Healthy ingredients and products usually will work for multiple problems, creating multiple solutions!

-         Beeswax Products and Honeybee produced materials have been valued and used for centuries, by many cultures, because of its many curative, healing & medicinal properties, works for so many things and have many, many uses and purposes.

-         When you Choose Healthy – You Become Healthy – Its Only Natural!

-         Purchasing Natural & Healthy products is money well spent, as no one likes to waste their money on synthetic, plastic or artificial ingredients in products that don’t work!

-         If you are spending your money, wouldn’t you rather it be on safe, natural & healthy products that will really work best for you and your family?

-         Healthy products are a good investment in your Healthy Future!



Bee Pro Naturally Organic Health Products include the Amazing Skin Doctor “Natures prescription for Healthy Skin” Bee Pro Dermalux TOTAL Skin Care Cream, which has been creating quite the buzz, because it contains 75 All Natural & Healthy ingredients, the solution for Over 40 Skin Problems & Skin Conditions and does the job of 14 plus household creams, salves, moisturizers, ointments & lotions.  It possesses all the healing, protecting & correcting properties, vitamins, minerals and nutrients the skin requires to be healthy and will self diagnose any skin deficiencies or problems on FIRST CONTACT!  See Bee Pro Dermalux

Bee Pro Bulk Golden Beeswax Bricks, Bars, Pucks, Wafers and wholesale purposes. See Bee Pro Bulk Wax

Bee Pro Beeswax Survival Torch Tins & Beeswax Dipped Survival Matches, for safety, emergencies, pleasure, piece of mind and well being, come in single, double and triple wicks in lightweight aluminum containers with lids and also sold are easy pop in refills.  See Bee Pro Survival Torches

Bee Pro Beeswax Ear Cones(Ear Candles), which are our Original design, hand crafted to perfection, made with Fine Cotton Linens and Pure Canadian Beeswax (No Paraffin), for many ear and hearing problems. See Bee Pro Ear Cones

Bee Pro Cap “C” The Herbal Warrior was specially designed to eliminate harmful toxins and chemicals from the body (see Toxins and Chemicals in the Body) in a Full Body Cleanse and Detoxification, it is completely natural, assists in weight loss and has many healthy benefits and can be used as a spice or in a juice with our special recipe. See Bee Pro Cap “C”

Bee Pro Beeswax Candles come in a large variety including specialty 12” pillars, Ribbed or Regular Pillars, Votives and Tealights, with No Lead, metal or tin and are safe and clean to burn. See Bee Pro Beeswax Candles


All our Bee Products are Mother Nature Made and

Honeybee Approved!

Always Natural – Always Safe – Always Healthy!

It’s Our Guarantee!


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