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At Bee Pro International we take great pride in our products and stand behind them 100%.  We believe in our products and believe in the healthy, natural ingredients we use in them.  All our products are chemical free and made from the purest and finest quality of Canadian Bees Wax. 

At Bee Pro International, we don’t believe in spending the money, you spend, on fancy jars and expensive packaging that is only discarded after using.  When you purchase Bee Pro Products, the money you spend, is spent on high quality, healthy and natural ingredients and the natural materials used in and for them.  We DO NOT cut corners when it comes to our products and their All Natural & Healthy ingredients, each chosen very carefully for a specific reason or healing element.  We also recognize that the fancy packaging and elaborate advertising gimmicks does not help the product work, just helps to sell the product, our products sell themselves, because they all work so well!  Have you ever asked yourself when you watch a commercial on TV – why is a 15 year old model advertising for wrinkle cream? How could this possibly show us that this product works for wrinkles?  The money you invest in your health, body and piece of mind, should be money well spent, not thrown in the trash can or used as a smoke screen. You will also find just the facts about each of our products on this website because we know this is what you are truly interested in. We don’t think twice when it comes to the cost of our ingredients or the materials used in our All Natural & Healthy Products, we use ingredients that are of high quality, work the best and are healthy, safe and natural.  To use only Healthy & Natural ingredients is the only choice as far as we are concerned and you can’t put a price on that.

A person wouldn’t naturally think that it was necessary to read all the ingredients listed on labels of all the products we use everyday, but now we are becoming more & more aware and involved when it comes to choosing the vast amounts of everyday products we use.  One would also like to assume that just because a company is allowed to use synthetic or unnatural ingredients, even though they could be harmful and toxic, that they would never CHOOSE to use them just because they cost less.  Just because you can or because it’s inexpensive is NOT how we operate or think here at Bee Pro International.  Only the Best for our customers, it MUST be Always Natural, Always Safe and Always Healthy.  When purchasing ANY of our Bee Pro products, it is our promise and guarantee they will always be safe for you and your loved ones, always be healthy for you and your skin & body and always be Mother Nature Natural!

We believe in what is real, natural and healthy it’s really very simple and this is what you will receive when shopping with us;

 Just the Facts


-         All Natural Products

-         All Natural, Healthy and Healing Ingredients

-         High Quality Materials

-         Hand Crafted and Hand Made Products

-         Excellent Quality Control

-         A Company that Truly Cares about your Body’s Health

-         Canadian Made Products

-         Personal Responses

-         No Fancy Sales Gimmicks

-         No High End Packaging (that you pay for and throw away)

-         No Costly Advertising Campaigns (that you also pay for)

-         No Cutting Costs by using Inexpensive fillers, materials or artificial ingredients

-         No Harmful Chemicals and Toxins

-         No Empty Promises

-         Bee Product Professionals

-         Mother Nature Approved!

 What you are left with is No Frills, No Bull and very Simply, Products that Work and are Healthy for you to take and use!

 We’ve spent years researching and perfecting our products and their ingredients, only using the best and the finest, our Canadian Beeswax is chosen with high quantities of Nature’s Natural Healing Propolis, which in itself has amazing healing properties and dates as far back as Cleopatra using beeswax based creams and lotions.

 Our products are extremely effective and deliver on their promises!

Perfect Products with Perfect Results!

 Listed under each of our products you will find a detailed list of “Just the Facts” and benefits of using our products. 

 What if we told you by using just 1 of our Unique & Original All Natural and Healthy Beeswax Products, you could save $186.02???? (See Bee Pro Dermalux TOTAL Skin Care Cream)

 For Better, Glowing, Silky, Smooth and Healthy Skin See Bee Pro Beeswax Dermalux TOTAL Skin Care Cream.

For Overall Body Health & Wellness, Body Detoxification of Harmful Toxins and Chemicals, Lose Unwanted, Unhealthy Weight, Increase Energy Levels and More with Bee Pro Cap “C” Full Body Cleanse.

For Better Hearing and Heightened Senses, Better Ear Hygiene and More see our All Natural and Healthy Beeswax Bee Pro Ear Cones.

For Security and Peace of Mind Our Unique & Original Beeswax Survival Torch Tins & Survival Matches

For Tranquility, Clean & Purified Air we have a large selection of All Natural Beeswax Candles

 We are always looking for ways to improve one’s body network and we will be coming out with New & Exciting All Natural & Healthy Beeswax Products to improve and enhance your total body health.

Cap C, Dermalux Miracle Skin Cream 1oz, Dermalux Miracle Skin Cream 2oz, Dermalux Miracle Skin Cream 4oz, Survival Torch Single Wick , Survival Torch Double Wick , Survival Torch Triple WickSurvival Torch Single Wick CitronellaSurvival Torch Double Wick CitronellaSurvival Torch Triple Wick Citronella and Survival Torch Re-fills Double Wick,  Survival Torch Re-fill Triple WickEar Cones, Specialty Pillars, Pillars, Tea Lights, Votives, Bulk Beeswax Bricks and BarsBeeswax Pucks and Wafers, are some of the few of our bees wax based products.